01 April, 2015

Hanami 2015

It's an annual Japanese event what everybody cannot miss. This year, I wanted go Hanami along with my friends but we could not manage to do due to some schedule problems. Then I decided to go out by myself and take images and share them on a social media.

These images were captured by Canon EOS M. It's a really good camera.

14 March, 2015

Madame Tussauds in Tokyo

This is my very first experience at the Madame Tussauds, actually located in Tokyo. Despite I used to live in Engliand, I had no chance to visit that of London (not sure why).
This is a record of my excitement.

All the dolls are elaborately well created, just amazing. It's literally look alike.
As I am a big fan of the duchess of Cambridge, I have made a lot of picture taken not only herself but also along with me. She is absolutely beautiful and of course you can recognise how tall she and her husband are.

You should definitely go there once and I do love to come back again someday.

14 February, 2015

Another wedding party on the Valentine's day

I joined in and took some photos of my firend's wedding party again. It looks Christianity oriented but it isn't. An announcement was saying that this was a wedding in front of the people not the God. It was the first time for me to hear the concept. Therefore the bridge and the groom have made a vow towards us.

The goom is a friend of mine. We became friends at my Japanese uni back in 2003, we were members of a same club activity which produced FM radio programmes. He was quite busy in those days for his course work and we spent times on and off but, we had some common feelings.
A few years later, I left the club and established my own photographic club and invited him to join in. He agreed to and we had an exhibision during an annual uni festival. So, he knows my very first steps as a photographer. And I suppose this is one of reasons that he invited me to his wedding party.

He always tells me and respect my determination and practice. So, he is one of my rare friends who is aware of the way of my life.

20 December, 2014

A Christmas lunch with Eva e Matteo

As I have visited Italy many times, I'm quite into Italian people, culture, food so much. However, unfortunately it is not quite easy to find out italian communities even near to Tokyo. Even if you find it, normally it costs relatively expensive to join in.

This time, I have spent my money more than my budget (even though my income was really small at that time) because there was an event which was hosted by two Italians. These two individuals used to be on an educational TV show to lecture italian language so, they are famous amongst Japanese people learning Italian language. I wanted get a chance to meet and speak to them in person.

The event is titled "a Christmas lunch from Eva and Matteo". As the images above show, they cooked and served for the guests. Despite its cost for just two hours or so, it was really fun to have the plates that they cooked and to drink a lot of wine and to have chats with participants and the two hosts.